Felicity (morbioid) wrote,

Awesome Thrift Store Find of the Week: ‘Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time’!

1991. Starring James Avery [Shredder!], Michael Berryman, Sarah Douglas [mmmm], Wings Hauser, Marc Singer [Donovan!], Kari Wuhrer, Robert Z’Dar [hell, z’yeah!], and Frank Welker.

Also purchased this week:

Showdown in Little Tokyo [1991; starring Dolph Lundgren as a weeaboo and Brandon Lee as a banana]

Death Warrant [1990; starring Jean-Claude van Damme as an undercover Mountie!]

Secrets of the Unknown (AKA Secrets and Mysteries) [1988; hosted by Edward Mulhare (Devin!)]—the Jack the Ripper episode

Lionheart [1990; starring Jean-Claude van Damme and Brian Thompson]

Raw Deal [1986; starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Wanamaker, Darren McGavin, Ed Lauter, and Joe Regalbuto!]


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