Felicity (morbioid) wrote,

Two Items of ‘Watchmen’

1. In this poster for the movie, the clouds in the background suggest the giant squid monster. (Above and to the right of the blimp is the squid’s central eye, and below and to the left of the blimp is one of its mouth tentacles.) So the squid did make into the movie, in a subliminal way.

2. There’s going to be a Watchmen prequel. Two sketches (by Andy Kubert and J.G. Jones) have surfaced on comic news blogs, only to be removed by D.C.’s lawyers. But they’re still floating around out there on the Web if you do an image search. It would appear neither Alan Moore (obviously) nor Dave Gibbons (less obviously) is involved, so the actual project would have to be a fuck of a lot better than what’s in the sketches before I’d read it.


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