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XL TG: Felicity’s Journal

Gender Blurry Since 2003

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1980s, 1980s cartoons, 1980s goth, 1980s music, androgyny, animation, art, autobots, beauty, black lipstick, books, cats, comedy, comic books, comics, creativity, cross-dressing, cthulhu, cyberpunk, cybertron, decepticons, domination, drawing, etymology, fantasy, fashion, femininity, fetish clothing, fetishes, fishnets, fontography, fonts, forced feminization, friends, gender identity issues, glbt goths, goth, goth culture, goth girls, goth make-up, goth people, goth punk, goth rock, gothic, gothic metal, gothic music, goths, hairstyles, halloween, heavy metal, hero of the beach, high heels, horror, hosiery, illustrations, japan, language, languages, latex, leather, lettering, letterists, lgbt goths, lovecraft, make-up, male to female, male-to-female, messy, messy masturbation, messy slapstick, michael slade, moai, mohawks, movies, mtf, music, new wave, occult, old school goth, pale skin, pantyhose, petticoats, photography, photoshop, pie fights, pie throwing, pied, pies, post-punk, pro-wrestling, prowl, psychology, pudding, punk, punk culture, pvc, queer punk, reading, retro, rhps, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, satire, science fiction, science fiction fandom, self-expression, sensuality, sharpies, shiny clothing, silk, sissies, sissification, sissy, sissy maid, soundtracks, soundwave, sploshing, subcultures, submission, switching, synthpop, tiki, trans goth, trans goths, trans-acceptance, transformers, transgender, transgender goths, transgendered, transgenderism, transgirl, transgoth, transsexual, transsexual goths, transsexual issues, transsexuals, typefaces, typography, vampires, vampiresses, vancouver, vinyl, wam, whipped cream, wigs, words, writing, yiddish, zines



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